Saturday, August 3

What's The Best RVing Gift You Ever Received?

So given I've created this rv gift site, guess it is time to answer the question "what is the best rving present I ever got." I don't have to think hard about it, and am glad to share this with you - but you might be surprised at what I have to say!

My answer is simple - as far as gifts for rv owners like me, the one that meant the most came from my mom, who passed away suddenly in 2012 at only 66 years of age, which I wrote about on my own rv travel site.

She gave me this adorable and silly Camper Birdhouse the first time she saw my travel trailer...and though I'm not living in the same camper anymore, it travels with me still and always will.

She was excited for me to open it and called it a housewarming gift. She knew I wouldn't hang it outside for birds but was certain it would become part of my decor.

So what gives, you ask? Why was this decoration my favorite? Because it was her way of celebrating and accepting my lifestyle, which I sprung on her without much warning. She fretted so much that my husband and I were walking away from degrees, careers, our home and leaping into such an unconventional life. We were always close and remained so (even though she thought I'd gone crazy), but the unspoken fear she had for my choice was always there.

Then this wacky camper birdhouse came into my life, beautifully wrapped, upon her first entering our travel trailer. We sat down at the dinette table and our cat, Spot, took over (did he know it was for birds?), as you can see in this photo below.

So you see, when it comes to gifts for rv owners, it isn't always the cost or can just be about love and support. I had no idea I'd lose my mom at 43 years of age, just a few years later, but her present symbolizes her support for my lifestyle - and that gift from the heart is with me every day.

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