Thursday, August 22

Rugs as rving gifts? Yes! Prest-o-fit rv step rugs...we love them!

Well I'm happy to tell you that our prest-o-fit rv step rugs finally arrived in the mail we had to share this rug as an rving gift idea for the right rvers. If you're shopping for gifts for happy campers, I've got the perfect one for you...

RV steps, the ones you walk on to enter campers, are metal on most recreational vehicles. It makes sense, because they are easy to clean, they are rugged and durable, etc. However, in cold temperatures, they become slick. Most importantly (as in our case), when you travel with pets, they are a hazard (nails get stuck, a doggie can slip and many other catastrophes waiting to happen).

We grew tired of our makeshift rv step rugs, which were cheap throws from the dollar store and mismatched bungee cords to keep them in place - it looked ugly, to say the least, but our dog appreciated the gesture.

Then we decided to get something that was affordable, aesthetically pleasing and could stay in place whether flying down the road or setting up in a campground - enter the Prest-O-Fit RV Step Rug ! Available in many colors, these little lifesavers wrap around the stairs, have springs to hold them in place and we can leave them on 365 days per year, without worrying they will fly off down the highway.

Most rv steps, unless really fancy motorhomes, are standard width - so it shouldn't be an issue whatsoever, to make sure they fit. The only trick is checking out if the camper has 2 or 3 steps...that's about it! It's an rv accessory many frugal rvers like us don't treat ourselves to, so surprise the rvers on your list with an affordable, awesome rv gift!

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