Friday, August 30

Funny Halloween Tshirt Costume For RVers This Holiday!

If you're looking to get a little Halloween rv gift for the rvers on your list this holiday, this cute t-shirt will do the trick (and the treat!). It's common to first think about getting little thoughtful decorations - but what about decorating the rver instead?

Not many people who live in recreational vehicles travel with costumes - it just isn't practical, due to space restrictions. But a tee is a completely different thing...heck, we still hang on to our beloved tees we can barely fit in anymore (or ones that would qualify as cleaning rags, perish the thought!). Shirts as Halloween costumes for rving folks could certainly be packed away with ease.

I think it is a cute idea, because it is fun to imagine couples walking around the rv park wearing matching shirts - would certainly bring a few laughs. Heck, you could even make one for the traveling dog or cat on board, too! Now that would be a sight to see....

If you want to help with cute, space-friendly Halloween decor items instead, this rv holiday decor ideas article will help you find that perfect thought!

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