Wednesday, August 14

Do RVers Like RV Decorating Gifts For Halloween, Christmas And Other Holidays?

Many people wonder if rvers enjoy rv decorating gifts for a cute, informal gift during the holidays. I can answer with a quick "yes!" being a camper dweller myself, but I will give you a little more detail than that, of course...or this would be a really dull question/answer post, wouldn't it? haha

So the question is: do rving folks like receiving holiday gifts for decorating a camper?

Here is the answer:

Just because we gave up on the "owning a house thing" to enjoy life on the road doesn't mean we stopped engaging in rituals we loved when in a home. Of course there are space limitations, so the 8 foot tall Christmas tree had to go - but that doesn't mean we don't love the ambiance of the holidays - you just need to scale back on the decor a bit (a lot, actually).

As rvers, we still love a little taste of Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, name it. My mom brought me up with that passion for celebrating, always making it fun to see the cute decorations around the home, so that isn't something I wanted to part with completely.

So it is ok to help an rver keep the spirit of the holiday alive with decorative accents for the rv - but you have to be smart! Think about the areas of the recreational vehicle that could use an accent, but keep the decoration small for storage.

As an example, here are some great ideas for Valentine' will see many adorable ideas like tablecloths, pillowcases and more - items that won't need much room out of season, but will light up the space when needed. At the end of the article we wrote (below) you can go to our other holiday articles, Halloween and/or Christmas.

As you can see, when you just want to give an rv gift during a holiday, "just because," there are many ideas out there that won't weigh the camper down!

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