Monday, July 22

What's A Good Gift For The RV Owner When You're On A Budget?

Sometimes the world of gifts for rvers can be challenging and expensive. Here's a common question some shoppers might ask: What's A Good Gift For The RV Owner When You're On A Budget? Fortunately, there are many unique presents to give to rving folks, even when your checkbook balance has little to offer.

To answer, here are some of the best ideas out there when money hinders the ability to buy an rv accessory or product for the camper:

Offer Your Skills - One great idea is to offer your recreational vehicle skills - and you don't have to know a thing about rvs to do it! Are you mechanical? Give the gift of an oil change, tire rotation, packing the wheel bearings...or even a big job like putting a new coating on the roof. Make a coupon on the computer, print it out and insist they cash in on your generosity (it will be much appreciated!).

Offer Your Elbow Grease - If you aren't mechanical but love the idea above, offer a head to tow camper washing or anything else like cleaning inside, washing carpets, doing windows/screens. Whatever their rig needs, offer your elbow grease - I promise they will love it!

Use Your Artistic Abilities - Something hand made (as long as it isn't too big) is always appreciated! A cute throw blanket or pillow for the bed with an rv theme, a hand towel, pot holders, napkin or paper towel holder...just think useful and small! Making it a one-of-a-kind rv theme is if you're creative, you are certain to make them smile with a conversation piece they will treasure (and no one else they meet at the campgrounds will have!).

So the real answer to finding a gift for the rv owner when money is tight is to offer yourself!

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