Friday, July 12

What Gift Cards Make The Best Gifts For RV Owners?

Even with best intentions, many people looking to buy a present for an rver end up going the gift card route, which brings up the question "what gift cards make the best gifts for rv owners?" The basic idea behind this query is which one is the most practical one a camper could use and appreciate? Certainly a certificate to any store could be used, but many people want it to be unique to rving folks.

To answer, here are a few ideas that will make it special:

Camping World
Many rvers use camping world stores to purchase rv products and accessories. They truly have it all and items can be ordered online. This is a great treat!

The time most rvers use a KOA is when traveling long distance, from point A to B. Typically, they are not cost effective places to stay at for a long duration, but they are a lifesaver on the road because you can find them virtually anywhere. If the person you are buying for tends to move around a lot, they will love a free night or two, compliments of you! I spoke more in detail about KOA gift certificates here.

Gas Gift Card
One painful side effect of rving is that you get terrible gas mileage and the cost of fuel keeps going up. You can treat the rver to a little free gasoline on their journey and they will appreciate it and recognize it as an rv gift. To make it "cuter" you can place the present inside a road atlas or something of that nature.

So there you have it! What gift cards make the best gifts for rv owners? Stick with RV products, campgrounds and gasoline and you will do great!

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