Wednesday, July 10

RV Gift Ideas When You Don't Know Anything About The Camper

A popular question is how to find rv gift ideas when you don't know anything about the camper - and that can be a challenge, guaranteed! But have no fear - I will offer the safest suggestions/recommendations as an answer to the dilemma.

The answer lies in staying away from recreational vehicle specific products. You can still find rving themes, practical presents they can use, without taking a risk that you're getting something that won't work with their make/model of rig. Here are some ideas to get you on the right path and you will find plenty to choose from on our site here - just check the "view all products" option on the home page:
  1. Think Outdoors: RVers spend a lot of time outside. If you're aware of something they've always wanted/needed (a collapsible rocking chair, portable picnic table, portable fireplace, cute awning mat), you're all set! However, if you aren't sure of what they have or know they have all of the basics, then think outside decor such as cute awning lights, wind chimes, a picnic tablecloth, solar lights that stick in the ground, etc. You can't go wrong with outdoor rv gifts.
  2. Think Decor Inside: One of my personal favorites that no rver can resist is the flameless candle. It needs no power except batteries, provides ambiance and is extremely safe. Though those who live life on the road have little space, you can always add some special accent (but keep it useful), like cute dish or hand towels, a small throw pillow for the bed, hand soap dispenser, etc.
  3. Go Personalized: If you're really unsure of what they have or need, then check out our personalized rv gift ideas. You can make two melamine plates (his and hers) for couples like "rv king" and "rv queen." You can create tshirts, coffee travel mugs, a bbq apron - pretty much anything you dream up. You can even personalize a food bowl for the rv dog instead! The personalized touch is a lot of fun and makes for happy campers.

In sum, you don't have to fret over rv gift ideas when you don't know anything about the camper. There are plenty of products out there that will make an rver smile!

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