Tuesday, June 11

Make Full Time RV Blogs For Your Loved Ones To Use On The Road

If you are good with a computer, this is a great gift idea for rvers that is free - make full time rv blogs for your loved ones! Unless the rver in your life doesn't use computers at all or cannot handle basic blogging, imagine their surprise when you create a blog for them and show them how easy it is to post and upload photos as they travel along!

Simply use a free blog site like Google's Blogger - that's what this site is and it is very user friendly. Assuming you are quite comfortable with computers, Blogger will walk you through design/layout extremely easily. Make it pretty, give it a cute title, choose fun fonts and voila! It would be even better if you set the categories for them, upload some fun pictures to make it feel warm and fuzzy...so all they have left to do is easily learn how to make a post and upload pics each time they have something to say.

Many full time rv blogs cease to exist because of the actual creation of the blog - it can feel overwhelming (even though it isn't). It isn't that an rver doesn't have skills to use an easy platform like Blogger for basic posting...they just don't know the creation part. If you do that for them, they can take it from there (with maybe a 10 minute training session).

This rv gift idea is great not only for the happy campers but also for family and friends who want to stay connected while they are on the road. So surprise them with the perfect rving present, their very own blog ready to go - they will be happy, promise! We rv full time and love to look back at our own posts on our blog to remind us of places we've stayed, reading our funny stories and laughing at the photos. If you've got the time and computer ability, full time rv blogs are quite simply the perfect, unique rv gift idea...and they're FREE.

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