Sunday, June 23

A Maxxair Or Camco Roof Vent Cover Make Great RV Gifts

If you're looking to buy gifts for rv owners that pertain to the camper, here is an idea for you – roof vent covers. Some people, when shopping for an rv gift, want to really get something useful and unique that was designed for a 5th wheel, travel trailer or motorhome. You may be surprised to discover that many rving folks don't even know these affordable little gems are out there, and what a difference they make when camping in the great outdoors!

You can view the various styles and options here, but I'll give you a personal review and summary to help guide you to determine if this is the right gift for you.There are various colors to choose from and they are a one size fits all, so you don't need to climb on the camper's roof to determine what to get.

We were considering buying these for our motorhome, when we saw so many rvs with them on their roofs. However, before we did we ended up swapping out our rv for a fifth wheel – and the new recreational vehicle came with these roof vent covers installed already.

We love them – wanna know why? Because we can have circulation 24 hours per day, rain or shine. The standard hand crank roof vents have to be closed when it rains, making it frustrating (and stuffy) inside the camper. But these covers for roof vents allow you to leave it open all of the time because rain can't get in. Wish we'd gotten these sooner, after full time rving since 2009 and dealing with a closed vent every time it rained.

We're going to replace the bedroom one, which is currently white, with a black one in the near future – to keep the light from shining in our eyes each morning. However, we want the daylight coming through in the bathroom and kitchen, so the white roof vent covers we currently have work perfectly.

Before you buy, however, you need to be aware of a few things:

  • Make sure they don't already have them on top of their recreational vehicle!
  • Keep in mind, if you or the rver aren't handy, that someone will need to be paid to install them. It isn't difficult, but it won't be free. The link I provided includes a video which shows how to install them, so you know what to expect.
  • If they have many vents in their rv, this could start to get expensive! We only have three, so it isn't bad. However, you could just buy one for a particular room (like the black one for the bedroom, in our case) and if they love it like we do, they can decide to redo all of them. There isn't a rule that you need every vent to be covered – and it doesn't look odd to just have one up on the roof, so no worries there.

There are many products for rvs out there to choose from, when shopping for rv gifts. Roof vent covers, however, are rving accessories that really serve a purpose and make a difference. We will never go back to the days of having to close up our roof vents “in case” it rains while we are sleeping or when we are going out for the afternoon and leaving the camper behind. Now we have great ventilation around the clock – and one less thing to worry about!

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