Thursday, May 23

Let Kids Make RV Gifts For Grandma, Grandpa Or Other RVers

When the gift recipient on your list is a proud grandparent or great-grandparent, why not let the children make the rv gifts?! There are so many fun things to choose from and while the kids are getting artsy, you can laugh along with them instead of fretting over shopping.

Now before you go grabbing for that gigantic poster board or something that just won't work well in a motorhome or pull camper, let me help you narrow down some choices based on usefulness and size, given we are full time rvers ourselves. Thinking small, cute and practical is the key to put smiles on rving grannies and grandpas.

Here are just some ideas to get you started in the right direction. If you have others, be sure to leave a comment and share with us!

MAKE A TRAVEL COFFEE MUG - I've seen these even at the dollar store, where the coloring paper comes out for the children to decorate and then it is placed back in when the work of art is perfected!

MAKE PLACEMATS - I always love this idea because they are sturdy and take up no room, lying flat on the rv dinette table. Get some posterboard but cut it to standard place mat size. Decorate with markers and be sure one says grandma and the other says grandpa, if it is for grandparents. Then either take the finished creations to be laminated or do it yourself with clear contact paper (oversize sheets on both sides, then carefully cut to perfects edges).

POPSICLE STICK NAPKIN HOLDER - We always are in need of a napkin in our rv (I'm a bit messy of an eater, I admit). So why not let the children decorate popsicle sticks (adults should probably use a hot glue gun for sturdiness, but let children decide how to put it together).

FABRIC PAINT A DISH TOWEL OR SMALL TOTE BAG - Our camper kitchen stove is small, but we always have one dish towel hanging on the oven rail. Imagine a cute, handmade dish towel from the kids! Also, places like Walmart have small canvas tote bags (always handy) and a child can put a handprint on it or decorate however he/she desires.

So these ideas for rv gifts from children should get you thinking in the right direction. If you're still stuck, have the children make gifts for the rv dog or cat instead! Cute ideas would be a placemat or hand painted food bowl. Whatever you decide just remember that there is little surface space or wall space, so making items that can be displayed with ease or are used daily are great gift ideas for rv owners. Have fun!

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