Sunday, May 26

Great Summertime Camper Gifts? Think Picnic!

For great camper gifts for the summertime, think picnic! Of course, rvers can have picnics right outside of their doors, especially those snowbirds who have heat year round. But for the rest of us rving full time, we come out of our hibernation den when the temperatures start climbing, and begin with the BBQ and warm summer nights outdoors.

So if you're looking for an rv gift at this very moment, you can go big or small with the picnic theme, to suit the type of present you are searching for (and your budget!). The following are a few ideas to get you thinking picnic - just remember they already likely have plastic or melamine plates and cups, so a little more creativity might be necessary!

At the top of my list (we really want one!) is a Picnic Time Portable Folding Picnic Table with Seating for 4, Black . My dad had one of these in red when I was younger and it was so handy when camping. No, it isn't huge nor will it seat a family of 6, but they are so handy and portable. They close down to a little case but are heavy enough to never blow away. It's great extra seating, too, because you get 4 seats and a table in one convenient item. We have to treat ourselves to this soon.

If you want to do something smaller and really cute, you need to look at the variety of these adorable table weights for tablecloths. They actually have an rv one! Just love these. If you know what size table they have, you can also purchase a cute vinyl tablecloth to go along with it.

Finally, if those don't suit your needs, great rver gifts would be anything to do with grilling, picnics or outdoors. A new set of grill brushes, little skewers for the BBQ - or even a handwritten recipe book where you share your favorite picnic food recipes! Summer makes for happy campers, so think sunshine and picnics when shopping for an rv gift.

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