Saturday, May 11

Dollar Store Deals - Solar Light Stakes - Cheap RV Gift!

Well when I see great dollar store deals like these solar light stakes I found (and use), I immediately think about sharing it on my rv gift blog! Sometimes I go to Dollar Tree, bring the item home, and it is junk. To my happy amazement, however, I found adorable solar garden stake lights and I'm going to buy myself more!

Not all dollar tree stores carry the same thing, but this is the season most of the ones I've been in have them in a huge display at the entrance. They come in a brilliant red, green, blue and yellow...and they work perfectly with zero problems. We were amazed...honestly.

So how are these the perfect gift for rv owners? Well the first gift idea that comes to mind is that they would fill up and jazz up an adorable rv gift basket. Put 4 or 8 of them in there, with little extras like a keychain level, road atlas and other rving gadgets and you've just created an affordable, perfect present.

Here is why I like them the most (aside from that they actually work and cost $1.00/piece). The stake is built in. You just pull it out from the bottom (it is housed inside of the "tube"), flip it over, stick the light on the end of it, push it in the ground and let it go. When the sun disappears, they pop on and give a very nice glow.

Currently, we have only two. We gave them a try because we have a knack for tripping over the straps we have staked in the ground, which keep our awning from flapping away in the wind. Yes, in the dark, these ropes become invisible and we go flying over them, constantly forgetting they're there. So we put one solar light by each stake, so no more accidents. But now that we see they work, are compact and really cute, we're going to get more to add ambiance to the evenings outdoors.

So I highly recommend looking for these dollar store deals. You can give just the solar light stakes as a gift or, again, make them a part of a cute, inexpensive gift basket.

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