Thursday, April 4

An Amazing RV Gift - Give Them A Special RVing Weekend!

If you are looking to go all out on an rv gift for your loved ones, here is one that they will never forget. Give them a special camping getaway for a few days! Word of warning, read my tips below, because you could create a disaster if you don't know much about rvs or rving.

So here is the order of how to proceed with this gift idea:

  1. Find a special location close to where they are rving now. For example, let's say your rvers are in Montana for the summer. Camping fulltime near Glacier National Park, Montana, can be quite hard on the rving budget - most campers save money on the outskirts. But why not treat them to two nights in a Glacier Park campground and, if you want to get fancier, you can even throw in a gift certificate to a restaurant or activity inside of the park?
  2. Once you've chosen the special area you think they'd like, and know what activities you would like to throw in, be very cautious of the campsite you "treat" them to. You need to know about their recreational vehicle - how long is it, do they need 30 amp or 50 amp, does the campground have hookups (some beautiful national forest sites around Glacier can fit a motorhome but have zero electric, water, etc.). Just be certain the campsite you are putting them in will suit their needs. If they like the remote forest more than the need for electric hookups, then go for it (we have, it is lovely!).
  3. Plan the date is all you have left to do. Maybe snoop a bit when talking by phone, asking "what big plans do you have this summer?"

Obviously giving this gift with months of warning is the best bet - and they're certain to love a special treat. Yes, rvers do have fun and flexibility, but most set up for seasons in one rv park or another to save money on a monthly rate at their favorite campground. So rving couples, as funny as it may seem, could use a "getaway" as well, if they are the types to park it for months at a time. So do the work for them and give them an rv gift they will never forget!

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