Monday, April 15

A Deck Of Cards - RV Gifts Personalized, Useful And Fun!

Customized playing cards are rv gifts personalized, useful and fun! Plus, you know those rvers love to show off their to other happy campers at the campsite. Imagine when inviting another couple over to play a card game how much they would love to display some witty humor on the deck...

You can choose colors on the outside but there are tons of card face styles you can select, too...even large print! I've shown a few cute designs here, but of course you can personalize the playing cards even further by adding names or whatever is appropriate for those you are buying for.

We rv full time and can verify that there is a lot of leisure time - nothing better on a rainy day than playing a game of rummy at the kitchen dinette...especially because I always beat my husband at games. Of course, rvers would love to bring other favorite games along, but space is always a concern. That's why a personalized deck of cards would make a great gift all around.

But back to rving mentality - whether buying a king of the rv t-shirt or queen of the rv baseball cap...even an rv doggie tee - campers love to wear and display these things proudly in the the rv park. So again, when they invite a couple over for game night, they will love whipping out their personalized rv playing cards.

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