Friday, March 8

Cheap RV Gifts Ideas - Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers make great cheap rv gifts ideas! A bumper sticker is a time-tested American tradition that started back in the 1960s, a time I am very fond of. That's because I grew up in the decades of the counter culture, when it was considered the thing to do to express yourself in any outrageous way you wanted to do so. Some of us had long hair and beards, jewelry and tattoos, and various types of strange footwear (anyone remember earth shoes?). If you were lucky enough to own a vehicle, you wanted to put stickers on the bumper that told the world about your politics and other beliefs and attitudes.

These days, most people who drive “normal” cars, SUVs and trucks don't indulge in bumper stickers – after all, they might lower the resale value, and are at the very least considered tacky. But for many RV owners, there's nothing wrong with festooning, adorning, decorating, and otherwise finding visibly appropriate places to put some stickers on your rig. For some of us, the more stickers you display the better, and one of the ways to tell the world how you feel is to find a new bumper sticker.

For example, we find that many fellow RV owners are pet owners as well. The small dog is very popular for some reason, and there are even larger breeds to be found occasionally. But there is a special group of RVers who love their cats, and want the world to know how they feel about their furry feline friends. For these folks, an ideal gift is the cat bumper sticker - and there are many great ones to be found (see RVGifts below to go there). Yes, there are also bumper stickers for dog-loving RV people too, and there's lots of them available, and they also make wonderful gifts. Personally, I love all varieties of pets and don't mind telling the world around me about it, but I also think it's important to visualize whirled peas, don't you? 

One sidenote - though rv bumper stickers are great for those rving in older rigs like we do, because they cover up rust, dent and dings...the odds are that those driving the expensive motorhomes around won't want to stick one of these on their bumpers! So be wise when purchasing this rv gift!

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