Tuesday, February 26

KOA Gift Certificates - Gifts For RV Travelers

KOA gift certificates make perfect gifts for rv travelers who are constantly on the move. Though not very useful to those who stay in one place for long, they can be a fantastic treat to rvers like us during long distance travel. Figuring out what kind of gift to give the rver in your life can be frustrating. Whether the gift is for a special occasion, a birthday, a holiday, or just because, if you know the way life goes in the typical RV, you know that an appropriate gift can involve some hard thinking. The major hurdle to the giver is the concept of a limited amount of space in an rv – just imagine that your rver lives in a compact studio apartment, or in one of those tiny houses that are all the rage, but without as much closet space. Not only that, but there aren't the walls and shelves in a motorhome or trailer that there are in either of those stationary dwellings, which eliminates many different kinds of possibilities from the list. So what's a person to do? Consider that old standby, the gift certificate.

The kind of voucher I have in mind isn't for a department store or a restaurant, but one that the actual traveler who is roaming the country in an RV can use – a gift certificate for a KOA campground. You may have seen one of these in your own travels because it certainly seems like they are everywhere, along just about any major highway you might be on. They are mostly individually owned and operated, but are held to the high standards of the KOA franchise. The ones we have stayed in have been clean, roomy, well-stocked with amenities (laundry, wif-fi, etc.), and responsibly maintained and managed by friendly folks. The certificates come in increments of $25, and they can be used, according the KOA web site, at any and all official KOA campgrounds, for paying site fees for full service slots, cabins, or tent sites, for anything offered in the campground store, or for any activities like tours that a campground might feature.

And did I mention that KOA campgrounds are almost everywhere? For the traveling RV fulltimer (or part-timer, for that matter), it's not a place you'd probably want to spend more than a night or two in on your way to somewhere a bit more off the beaten path and on the scenic route, but they are great places to pull over in and relax after a day of driving. They are usually easy access spots where you don't have to mess with rv leveling much after a long day's drive. 

So for those rvers constantly on the move, it is a perfect present because when going from point A to B because you've got to stop somewhere, which can be costly, but those KOA's right off the road really call to you when you are tired! A KOA gift certificate is something that will be useful and practical, will take up no valuable space at all, and doesn't have to be brought out for display when the giver stops by to visit. It's the perfect RV gift.

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