Friday, January 18

Unscented Or Scented Flameless Candles With Timer, Remote, More!

You just cannot beat this rv gift - unscented or scented flameless candles, with timer, remote or simple battery operation. Ok, ok...I know I always say "these are the best rv gifts" - and I mean it everytime (I get a bit excited because these are all products that I want!). But I just stumbled onto these flameless candles myself...and I love them!

I'll start by explaining the options you have, which will fit every gift buying budget for the rver in your life. A flameless candle can be purchased as one pillar (many sizes to choose from), a votive candle, a tealight or even a lovely set that includes a variety of candles.

The other decisions to make are scented vs unscented flameless candles. The aroma isn't overpowering, which is nice, and come in numerous scents like vanilla, pomegranate and more. If unsure which rving gift version to purchase, maybe get one of each.

The next option involves simple battery operation, timers or remote controls. Obviously, the more "techy" the flameless candle, the more the price goes up. I can't see myself wanting the remote, because I know it would end up being across the room in the motorhome, with the candle being closer! But a flameless candle with that is another thing! I like to have a lot of candles and it is a chore to turn each one on and off every I'm going to explore one that comes on for 6 hours/night...that is up my alley!

So you will have to make the decision as to which type of candle to let me tell you why this is such a terrific present for an rver. A recreational vehicle is quite a small space, with little counter space or safe area for burning candles. In addition it has many windows, often open, where burning a candle can be a hazard. Of course people still burn candles, but it is something you need to watch at all times...not very relaxing!

My story is this - I have a gigantic rving cat named Spot, who thinks he weighs 5 pounds and likes to climb on our limited surface areas/counters. I don't want him burning his whiskers or tail, nor do I want him knocking the candle down (he does these things...bats pens, computer mouse, etc. onto the floor). So scented flameless candles with timer would be perfect in our situation! But you needn't have a gigantic cat to appreciate these gifts. Again, they are safe and a flameless candle will offer wonderful ambiance...they are simply the best gift for rvers...I mean it!

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