Monday, January 7

RV In Love? Cute Valentine Day Gift T Shirts

Oh those mushy, gushy rv couples on Valentine's Day - a great time for an rv tshirt gift! Who cares if that perfect couple is just so cute and happy, and that they get to spend life together on the road seeing sights, and that even their little dog is sickeningly adorable and poofy. Make them even cuter with a witty Valentines shirt.

Don't know what it is about those rvers, but something happens in the brain that makes them want to start wearing matching clothing. We rv full time, and though we we add a little holiday touch for cheer in our rv, we haven't quite matched clothing to date - though we occasionally receive it as a gift! Like we are twins or something?! Maybe rvers who match clothing just don't want to think so hard about attire anymore, now that they've tasted freedom and discovered what really matters! So let 'em have at it and match on their lovey-dovey holiday.

There are also cute Valentine decor gifts you can add to your rver's present, like little heart string lights or pillow cases, to add romantic ambiance. Whichever way you decide to go, those happy lovers aren't likely to complain or notice. They'll just keep on camping, with their matching shirts, cups and however far the need to match has gone.

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