Sunday, January 27

Coffee Travel Mugs: Great Gifts For RV Travelers

RVers and coffee go hand in hand, so it should be no surprise that a travel mug makes a great rv gift. But why stick with blah exciting is a navy blue mug, really? Personalizing them is a much better option!

Now though it is tempting to go for a traditional rv coffee cup, think about that poor, fragile drinking device bouncing around in the cabinets, hitting the walls with each and every turn from an overzealous motorhome driver. It would have more chips than a Vegas casino! I did create one exception to the "no glass/ceramic" rule, because it was too funny to pass up. It stated "rv level yet" and you can see it here.

So get an rv travel mug that not only won't break, it will keep the coffee hot and will help prevent spilling - while providing a good laugh with a witty saying written over that "gotta have it" navy blue mug. You can choose from pre-written humor or create one yourself. So browse through coffee mugs and other items right here at RVGifts. They can be customized and changed (font, color, etc.) if you have your own great idea.

If you want to go all out, you can include a gift card for their favorite coffee, or include a small bag of it to jazz the rv gift up. No matter what you decide, travel mugs are great gifts for rv travelers. Ok, back to my morning coffee! ;)

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