Monday, November 19

Funny Stocking Stuffer RV Gift Ideas

What do rvers like us want as an rv gift in our Christmas stockings? That's easy! Stuff them full of money, please! Oh alright...that was rude - but you really wanted to know, right? I'm guessing I'll be getting some lumps of coal after that remark...

Moving on to the actual topic of this post, there are some fun little personalized rv gifts you can put in the stockings of rving folks that actually have a camper theme - much more exciting than stuffing it with candy, fruit and dollar store junk.

So here are a few items to give you a general idea...they are small, affordable and quite cute, I must say!

So I think you get the idea!! Some other ideas you might like are personalized playing cards, bumper stickers - anything small, but with that "rv-y" type of feel. Ho-Ho-Hope this helps!

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