Wednesday, October 10

The perfect gift for campers - rvers want a kindle reader!

Now this is a more expensive gift, of this I am certain. But for the avid reader who also rvs full time, a kindle makes the perfect gift for an rver (you just gotta get it) for a couple of very valid reasons.

First, the motorhome cannot handle carrying about tons of books! They are too heavy and take up too much room. For someone who loves to read, like my bookworm husband, this can create quite a dilemma. If we brought along every book he wanted to bring in the motorhome, we would be getting about 2 miles to the gallon!

Next up, instant delivery of a book for those who aren't in one place very long. Yes...with a kindle reader, they happy rver only has to choose a book on Amazon and it is instantly delivered! The old fashioned way entails needing an address to order and deliver a book to, which can be a challenge.

Now I know what you might be thinking - there is nothing like the smell, look and feel of a book in the hand. We couldn't agree more. But this is an rv gift site, so that is why we are promoting the kindle as a great present idea. It just makes sense for those with little space and an ever-changing mailing address. 

There are many sizes, styles and shapes to choose from. You can view them all here!

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