Sunday, September 16

Make A Holiday RV Decorating "Kit"

If you are one of those rv gift buyers who wants to do something truly unique, here is a cute idea you can "make yourself" for the rver on your gifts list. I will warn you, however, that this present will be a gigantic dud if those in the recreational vehicle aren't into celebrating or decorating for holidays!

It is nice to make the motorhome feel a bit in the holiday spirit, but for obvious reasons space constraints do not allow for bringing along tons of decorations. Maybe the person you are shopping for loves one particular holiday...or even all of them. Whatever their personality, you can put together some small holiday accent kits in small plastic tubs. This will keep them dry, clean and easily stored.

A great example of the "accents" to include, like dish towels, pillowcase, lights and other compact examples, can be found in this rv decorating article. The article is focused on Christmas, but you will get the idea of what types of items to include in your gift.

Once again, this is a really great gift idea with a personalized touch - but only if they like decorating the camper! Otherwise, they will see it as a space hog, taking up what little room they have already. Be certain to include items that compliment the size of their rv, too. Meaning, if they are touring around in a little camper, they have even less space!

So have fun making a holiday rv decorating gift for the camper on your list. With the right person, it will be a great present!

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