Saturday, September 29

A Compass Makes A Practical Gift For RVers

Looking for an affordable, small rv gift? Why not a compass? Determining direction isn't just for hikers, though rvers who hike around a lot will get a lot of use from it. But for us, it is a simple fact that we move from place to place, get turned around and half the time have no clue where we are going or which direction the rv is facing!

A compass makes a great rv gift because it is small and will be used, guaranteed (oh...unless the rvers never move the motorhome or travel trailer...then not so much).

Cannot tell you how many times we chose the wrong site because we couldn't get our bearings on where the sun would come up. As you might have guessed, it was usually right through the bedroom window. To those who don't do the recreational vehicle thing, it may seem silly. One could wonder how you could get turned around after driving on the road. But it happens once you get in the rv park. They are a maze of wiggles and curves - you really lose your sense of direction.

Also, in unfamiliar territory in the middle of nowhere, instead of flipping a coin to go right or left, they can pull out the compass (or flip it, but not recommended!). is a cute gift idea. If unsure, why not go with something like a compass keychain for the rv keys - like 2 rv gifts in one!

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