Saturday, August 18

Unique RV Gifts For Campers Who Love Music And Campfires

Ok, this might seem like a stretch where gifts for campers are concerned...but I promise it isn't! Listen, oh listen to this rver guys and gals - you will love this, for the right rv enthusiast on your gift list.

One thing full time rvers have plenty of is time (most of them, at least). So why not encourage their passion now that they have time do so?

RVing folks are no strangers to campfires - they love them (or gosh darnit, they should!). If the man or woman you are shopping for is one of those who loves to sit in the cool evening air or around a fire pit, then this will be perfect.

 Promote them to learn a new talent, such as how to strum some basic chords, with this beginner guitar kit and traditional campfire songs book. Even if they have zero desire to learn an instrument, the easy camp songs book could come in handy all by itself.

Of course, if they aren't musical and want nothing to do with music, then scratch this idea! But someone who has always wanted to learn to play basic guitar, or someone who loves to sing, will get many miles out of these gift ideas. You can even get a "teach yourself harmonica" kit.

The idea is, if the rver is a music lover, get them a starter guitar, banjo, fiddle - or heck, a book on how to play the spoons. It doesn't matter! They have ample time to learn a new hobby, so if they like music and sitting around a fire, this will be a hit.

On a sidenote, I always encourage gifts to be small - but an rver will make room for an instrument (our guitars are under our couch) if they will actually use it. So again, don't get a bulky guitar if you aren't certain they want to learn to play it!

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