Tuesday, August 7

RV Camping Gift Wrap - Make Your Own Wrapping Paper!

At rv gifts, we spend a lot of time talking about gifts for rvers, but for those who like to make things "perfect" might I suggest some cool, rv camping gift wrap? Of course I can! This is my site...I can talk about whatever I want!

So here is the scoop - if you're looking for motorhome wrapping paper, you might be searching for a long time. But there is a cheap, homemade alternative that will only take a short amount of time - make your own!

The key is getting plain paper, any color, or kraft paper if you so desire. If you are an artist, draw little campers all over it (but if a big present, this could take two years to accomplish so do plan accordingly). For those of us less artsy folks, I have the solution...rv stickers!

Yes...you can put rv stickers all over the paper, then get to wrapping that present! I've shown a very inexpensive rv sticker set on this post, but you may have to buy more sheets to cover the paper in its entirety. Now won't that be cute?!

The same rule applies for making rv camping gift bags - just buy a plain bag at the dollar store and put the motorhome stickers all over it.

Sky is the limit on this fun, easy homemade wrapping paper. The perfect gift wrap for campers...

And another tip - a foldable map also makes great wrap, too!

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