Wednesday, August 22

A Portable, Collapsible Stool: Folding Step Stools For Adults

Folding step stools for adults are portable, collapsible gifts for rvers that aren't designed for a grown up to reach the bathroom sink at tooth brushing time. No sir...these are real stools designed to handle the weight of someone who is more than 50 pounds soaking wet.

So why would someone in an rv need one of these? Well let me tell isn't until you are standing outside of the motor home or travel trailer, determined to wipe off the front window, brush debris from the roof or any other task that involves a height more than 5 feet where an rver ponders "how the heck am I supposed to reach that?"

Yep, in our rv life we have, on more than one occasion, looked at our flimsy lawn chairs or wimpy bucket from the dollar store and wondered, "will that hold me? will it get me up high enough?" With tall rvs (and here's a hint, they are all tall) there is no safe way to reach out of the way places without one of these.

However, we cannot travel with a ladder unless we find some really hip way to incorporate it into our rv living space. Let's see, shall we step through the rungs en route to the bathroom? No...don't think so. We need a portable, collapsible folding step stool on hand for when we need a little lift...but are too stubborn and frugal to buy one for ourselves.

Guarantee, this will make a fantastic rv gift! See a whole wide array of step stools RIGHT HERE!!

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