Wednesday, August 29

A Great RV Gift - Custom Postage Stamps You Can Even Personalize

Ok ye who are in search of a unique, creative gift for rvers - have you heard of customized postage stamps? They are perfect because an rver does send mail, so they'll be used - they're tiny, so there is room for the gift...and it shows how cool and creative a gift giver you are! Our rving cat, Spot, will serve as our model on this stamp below...

If making your own personalized postage stamp scares you, with uploading photos or designs, you will find cute stamps that already have many different camper styles, to match the preference of the one receiving the present. So you don't have to work too hard if you don't want to...get one that is already made.

Usually, the best denomination to get is the typical first class stamp, because that is used the most often. However, there are many denominations to choose from, if that is what you are looking for.

You can also jazz up the gift by getting a cute stationary set to go with the stamps (also a great nudge to those rvers who are terrible about corresponding with they have no excuse - better throw in a pen, too...that could be a very weak excuse, but best to cover all bases).

So there you have it...the perfect, unique rv gift is a customized postage stamp. Now don't be fooled...they are NOT going to cost the price of a normal book of 20 stamps. The only way you will pay face value is if they have a thing for US flags (the standard postal service stamp)...then just pick up a book of 20 at the post office!

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