Thursday, July 26

RV State Sticker Map, For States Visited In The USA

A states visited map is the perfect rv gift idea - honest. Whether motorhome, travel trailer or what have you, rvers absolutely love these maps! It's the rvers way of "Keeping Up With The Joneses" - flinging their doors open and proudly displaying all of the states they've visited since the tires hit the pavement.

Now of course, they could already have one of these RV State Sticker do keep that in mind! Don't know what it is but it seems every full time rver grabs for a visited states map before they even step in the darn camper...

Now I've never heard stories like this, but I've also never asked...sometimes I wonder if anyone "cheats" on these maps...would sorta spoil the fun, don't you think? Of course, it would also be embarrassing to have one of these with only one state visited.

But I digress...the point is that these rv state sticker maps will be loved by any vagabond embarking on the rv lifestyle.

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