Saturday, July 7

Camper Gifts For RVing Folks - Indoor Outdoor Thermometers

Please, PLEASE, get this gift for rv owners - an indoor/outdoor thermometer that also tells the humidity. Oh boy, are you readers in for a treat! I have never been as passionate while writing about an rv gift idea before. Why you ask? Oh...because we are stuck in the midwest while enduring the heatwave causing a drought across the continental's that for an answer?!

These thermometers are affordable, run on batteries and take up little space, yet they are an rv must-have that will be used every second of the day. In nice weather, we might "glance" at it a few times...but when we are certain we are meeting our end in this home that is beginning to feel like an oven, and we are the muffins inside, it becomes an obsession to stare at it about every 3-5 seconds!

For the past few weeks, it has shown us that it is a mere 103 degrees in the shade, 72 in the air conditioned bedroom and about 379 degrees in the living room that does not have the a/c on.

Sometimes, for fun, we put it outside to read the humidity. We are like little traveling scientists, amazed that it is about 22% humidity in the blaring sun, then when it "cools" at night to 90 degrees, the lovely Illinois humidity kicks in at about now it is hot and you can't breathe.

Ahhh...but don't think these electric thermometers are just for times like this. Regulating temperature and humidity is a trick in a motorhome, so these gadgets help us to see if our bedroom is too dry during the night, if the living room is too cold (though the cat gives us "the look" which does help, but we don't recommend buying a cat as an rv gift), etc. In all seriousness, which I know is hard to imagine via yours truly, these are perfect gifts for rvers. Another gift that can be used all of the time, taking up little space...much less space than our gigantic rv cat!

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