Tuesday, June 12

Unique RV Gifts Are Best! Make A Resource Book

This is tops where unique rv gifts are concerned. We always talk about space problems in our motorhome, which limits gift giving. So how about this one?! Buy a three ring binder at any local store - I would get the type that has a clear "pocket" on the front, so you can slide in a creative cover you print on the computer, or even a personal photo!

Next, purchase those tab dividers (another cheap investment) like a child would put in a student notebook. So your homemade "rving resource book" is almost ready to go.

Finally, from the privacy of your own home (as long as you have a computer and a printer), you can purchase a few affordable ebooks about specific rving tools that are helpful. On our cheap rving blog we have some listed, which YOU CAN SEE HERE!.

Depending on the rvers lifestyle, you could get one about dump station locations, mountain passes with steep grades, checklists and much more. We know all too well that ebooks can have a stigma in the online world, but fortunately the sharks don't try to create ones in the rv niche (in general). It is often rvers who create these books and tools on the road to share with others. Plus they always have a complete refund option, so there isn't much risk - in case you were worried about going that route.

Anyway, you can put a handy starter kit together for your rv gift idea. Personalize it as you wish and put a couple of helpful tools inside, under the appropriate tabs you create then...voila! The perfectly unique and personalized rv gift!

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