Wednesday, June 27

RV Travel Software - The Best Planner, Travel Log Gift For RVers

The best rv travel planner has been found, and it is perfect for any camper. Do you know some rvers who love to (try to) keep meticulous records (perhaps you find this personality even a little annoying?) - they'll love this rv gift! What about those who are disorganized, unable to record expenses, put photos in one place - they will love this, too!

You will see the Nomad Notes system mentioned in this article (it is in the middle of the post) about calculating rv gas mileage. It has it all...everything an rver would love. It tracks expenses, lets you log campsites visited, photos, contacts and tons more.

The site will tell you everything you need to know about it. But what I can say is that this gift is perfect because it is not only very useful, it is something many campers wouldn't treat themselves to. It takes up no space and it is 100% refundable if you or the gift recipient don't like it.

Of course, not everyone is into software, so for those who don't care for the computers, you can put together some fantastic logs in one nice file box as a unique rv gift idea. Get a mileage log, something to hold receipts, a photo album...whatever creative idea you choose.

But for those who don't think software is some new type of eating utensil, the organized and disorganized will love the thoughtful gift mentioned above.

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