Thursday, May 31

RV Picture Frames - Great Camper, Fifth Wheel And Motorhome Gifts!

Oh the fun one could have with these rv picture frames. If you know the type of recreational vehicle your gift recipient has, you are all set! If he or she travels with pets, be sure to put them in one "window" of the camper and then the humans in front.

See all styles of rv frames HERE

If someone was getting one for us (we have a class A motorhome), because our dog Hannah is always the copilot, it would be a hoot to have her in the front of the camper and us in the back...that is pretty much how it goes for us, we must admit.

These frames are also a wonderful "extra" to add to a gift basket or other creative rv gift. For those who are still in a house, but dream of a day they will rv, this would be perfect on the desk at the office, as an inspirational reminder that the day will come when they will hit the highway.

Men or women will love this gift (as long as they care about rvs...if they don't, we highly recommend against an rver picture frame! hahaha).

One additional word of humorous caution - we also recommend that these frames are hung high or kept in a room without little folks...they are too tempting play with (certain you can visualize "driving" the motorhome around the house, with photos of grandma and grandpa inside).

RV picture frames do make a sweet gift for rv owners...we recommend them!

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