Tuesday, May 22

RV Gifts For Dad On Father's Day

To be honest, rv gifts for dad truly depends on...well...your father! This rv gifts site has many great gift ideas for those who live in recreational vehicles, whether part time or full time. Depending on your dad's personality, you can go for the funny t-shirts, equipment he can use for the camper - there truly is no end.

Hey...wait a minute! My husband, Jim, is a father...so let's ask him! That's a great idea!! So, Jim...what rv gift would you like on Father's Day? Don't even think about asking for a guitar, this is an rv site so that isn't an option.

Ok honey...what would you like as an rv gift?

"I would like a sound system in the rv that recreates the feel of a small auditorium, filled by a professional PA system. I would like a massage table that goes under the bed when not in use, but unfolds into an extra large size table when you want it. I would like an air conditioner that can be adjusted to a much lower level than 'blast 'em with arctic air' mode. I would like an oven you can bake in that doesn't heat up the inside of the rv to a temperature higher than it already is. I would like a bathroom that is large enough for me to dry my back in without opening the door. I would like a couch I could actually sit on without having to fight a large dog for it."

Ok dear...I think that is enough. Oh boy....................Anyway, the rv gifts on this site offer a large selection for all different types of rving dads...browse around and have fun. I on the other hand obviously have my hands full here...

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