Wednesday, March 14

An RV Fireplace - Real Flame Gel Fuel Personal Fireplaces

RVers miss having fireplaces. Sure, we can sit around a campfire - but not when it is rainy or super cold outside. On those nights, we have to sit in the rv and flick lighters and matches to simulate a fireplace. Unless someone decides to buy us one of these Personal Gel Fuel Fireplaces.

Ok...we know what you are thinking - the very idea of a fireplace in an RV is ludicrous - not because it wouldn't fit in some of the bigger homes on wheels, but because of the fire hazard and venting problem. On cool winter evenings it would certainly be nice to have the light and warmth that comes with a fire, but it seems like something we RVers will just have to do without, except for outdoors.

But a company called Real Flame may have come up with something that, while not really a fireplace, can give the illusion of one and in a small enough package to use inside of a camper or motorhome. They make what they call ventless gel fireplaces. These units use fuel that comes in a can like Sterno, but is specially formulated to produce a decent amount of flame and light.

The larger units are designed for houses and apartments, but the company offers a limited line of personal fireplaces that are quite beautiful and functional as well. The largest of these little gems is about a foot square, and the 7 available designs vary from a lantern-style model with a top to a glass-enclosed, rock based unit. All of these are portable and don't take up a lot of space. While browsing, note that some would be safer outdoors (which would defeat the purpose) but most would be fine in any size of recreational vehicle. The perfect gift for the RV owner who misses the old woodstove or fireplace.

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