Wednesday, January 18

With A Tervis Tumbler, Returns Won't Be An Issue

If you give rvers a Tervis Tumbler, returns on your gift will never happen. Why? Well...that's easy! Those who rv full time need products that don't break and these incredible drinking gems simply won't. They will outlive the rver, but don't say that to them....not a wise thing to do.

These amazing glasses are the ultimate way to drink beverages when on the road because they won't break, even if you drive over them with a motorhome (hey, maybe we could use them for leveling the rv, too...just put the tire right on top when we are on uneven ground?). They are also cute and stylish, with different designs and logos to to choose from, they hold hot and cold beverages which reduces the need for various cups and mugs (which saves us on our limited storage space!) and they even have optional lids to prevent spills when cruising down the highway.

We received these tumblers as a gift this past Christmas and just had to do a post on them, because they are our absolute favorite piece of dishware. They are destined to last longer than we will (ok, kind of a depressing thought, I must say) and they are simply super-cool. Because I love bears, I got one that has a bear on it and Jim got one that says RV. Let's see....what could RV stand for? Really Vain? Wait! Maybe this was an insult?! Perhaps rv stands for Rotten Venison, Rarely Vernacular or Radical Vest. Well...who cares what it stands for...the point is that these Tervis Tumblers are perfect where rv gifts are concerned!

Don't forget, they come in patterns from dragonflies to palm trees, they are offered in tall or short glasses...and you can purchase lids for the coffee lovers (or those prone to spill their drinks!)

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