Friday, January 20

For Those In Colder Climates, Get 'Em A Heated RV Water Hose

Heated RV Water Hoses are great gifts for rvers who are crazy, like us, and go to colder climates in winter. Too long of a story to explain why we fight freezing water and snowstorms in a motorhome - but we hope we aren't alone, or that would make us feel really, really bad.

Anyway...whenever temperatures fall below freezing, to have the ability to bathe, wash dishes or fill the dog water bowl, that garden hose that supplies the rv with water cannot freeze. However, as most sane people recognize, it will freeze's below freezing!

Many of those in travel trailers, motorhomes and 5th wheels know what to do when it starts to get get out the electrical heat tape, adhere it to your house, wrap insulation around it and then tape it. The most boring, mundane task ever...guaranteed.

But now rvers have an alternative. These heated water hoses are already good to go. Just replace the old garden hose with this one for the winter and voila! No more hassle or headaches! Promise that this is a gift that would be cherished - with the exception of those who are always in above freezing temps...they might look at you and wonder why you purchased the heated rv water hose for them, while standing in their shorts and flip flops.

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