Thursday, December 1

Unique Gift Card Ideas For RVers

Now I know I've said that we like receiving gifts, which is the whole purpose of this site - to give you gift ideas for rv owners. But if you're truly stuck and just can't find the right present to give to an rver, then here are some unique gift card ideas for you!

If you want to give one larger gift card, think about what rvers could use. Gas is a biggie! Just be sure it is for a gas station that can be found anywhere in the USA (no, Joe's corner gas station won't do!!).

Another idea is a KOA gift card because they are scattered across the country and easy to find. It is nice to be treated to a free night of camping when on the road.

My favorite creative idea, however, is to have some fun with gift cards. For instance, you could get five various gift cards, five sheets of paper stapled together and make a booklet titled "One RV Day" compliments of (this would be you). Cover a day in his or her rv life...a little gas, maybe a campground, McDonald's for lunch, Starbucks for all depends on where the rv is and what the gift recipient likes. This works for people who aren't on the move, too. Just do a little research into what stores are around them and write down the purpose of each gift certificate in a story format. If you aren't into writing or making a book, you can put them in a cute Toy Camper or a nice travel journal or diary.

I've done this for friends and family who aren't rvers...they loved it! Also, one more little cute hint...a road map makes adorable wrapping paper for rvers, by the way....

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