Wednesday, December 7

Lasko MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heaters Are So Cooooollll

Finally, Lasko heaters have come up with a perfect personal heater that is great for rvers. People told me I asked too much, expecting to find a cheap, small heater that heated an rv room like a larger one, while drawing little power. Actually, as I look back, perhaps I was expecting a bit much. But then, my wish came true!! So now I'm wishing for an rv that can travel thousands of miles on one tank of gas!

Make no mistake, these personal ceramic heaters aren't just for rvers, though I am biased and also like to think Lasko made a heater just for me. But, honestly, they can be used to warm up a room in your home, at the office and basically anywhere you are feeling cold and there is an electrical socket in the wall...which is pretty much everywhere, right?

The reason they make a perfect rving gift is that they meet the unique needs of rvers by warming up a small room without overloading the outlets. However, the heat they deliver is absolutely amazing. We have one in our motorhome bedroom and can't believe how much heating they can produce. Cannot tell you how many heaters we've gone through and how often, when they are running, simply turning on the hair dryer blows the breakers because they are energy vampires.

But not this little Lasko! He is small, fits on the nightstand, runs quietly and puts no drain on our power supply. If cute is important to you when shopping, you will also like the color choices and compactness of these heating machines. Best of all, these are cheap ceramic heaters, too - a bonus when purchasing gifts. Stay cool! er....Warm!

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