Friday, November 4

Tips For Buying RV Christmas Gifts - No Fruitcake, Please!

When it comes to the holidays, buying rv Christmas gifts can be stressful. Believe, me, so is receiving them! If the person on your shopping list isn't full time rving, well then any old gift will do. It doesn't have to be themed around rvs or rv friendly, a nice pair of shoes wrapped in Santa paper will do just fine!

But full time rvers like us need a little extra attention (or a gift receipt, which is much appreciated - hahaha). Bad examples include glassware to be bounced around while traveling, furniture (honest, there is no room for furnishings), items to hang on a wall or put on a table such as photos or figurines, and the list goes on and on.

Maybe this will help - imagine that rvers live in a tiny cardboard box, about half the size of a standard garage, and that box sits right on a fault line, with sporadic earthquakes happening throughout the day. What would you buy THEM for the holidays? Now you're getting the idea...........

This rv gifts site has many suggestions and ideas for perfect rv Christmas gifts. We are always touched when someone takes the time to learn a little about our lifestyle. If I were shopping for rvers this holiday season, I would either give them a large bag full of money (just kidding, couldn't resist), one of the gifts featured on Gifts For RV Owners, or make an amazing rv gift basket. Fill it with some special love from your own kitchen, a cute ornament or tiny tree, some small rv accessories - the list goes on and on.

It is so touching that you are trying to take time to learn what rvers need, and it is truly the thought that counts.  If looking to purchase one, nice universal gift, look at the suggestions here to get ideas of gifts any rver can use. Otherwise, put together little thoughts with a few rv gifts sprinkled in - we love you for acknowledging our unconventional lifestyle - just no fruitcakes!!

PS - We are frugal rvers so here are our tips on How To Buy Good Gifts On The Cheap.

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