Monday, September 19

A Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Camera Keeps Couples Happy!!

For those who own travel trailers, a Swift Hitch back up camera system will definitely decrease stress in the relationship. This is a fantastic rv gift!!

Oh how many times I stood in harm's way, positioned off to the side to watch my love attempt to perfectly back up the ball on the hitch of the pickup truck, lining up in harmony with the travel trailer. The handful of faulty attempts cannot be blamed on, he was driving blind. The tinted windows on the truck topper made visibility quite, well...invisible!

Heavy was up to me. My almighty hands waved in the breeze, desperately trying to signal "a little left, a little right, stop, no...back up more...ok, stop!!!!" Often I would throw both hands up in the air and walk away in a huff that could last an hour or so. This left poor Jim to back up a few inches, get out of the truck, walk around and inspect the alignment, get back in the truck and do it was NOT fun.

If the rver you are shopping for owns a travel trailer or popup camper, the Swift Hitch SH01 Portable Wireless Camera System is the ideal gift. It will keep couples from fighting, won't make single rvers feel so lonely (wish I had a companion to get out and direct me, etc.)...and will decrease the odds of damaging the rv tremendously by backing into it. Yep, the ultimate gift is the Swift Hitch.

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