Wednesday, September 7

Looking For An RV Vacuum? Buy The Dirt Devil Versa Power All-In-One Stick Vacuum Cleaner

We rv with cats and a dog (don't ask!)...and have gone crazy with the question of which RV vacuum to buy? Dirt Devil Versa Power Vacuum was a pleasant surprise! Holy our two years full time rving, we have tried so many brands - big and small vacs, canisters, roller name it. But nothing worked. Either it was too heavy and hard to maneuver around the motorhome, so we missed a huge area, or it was light but did nothing, zippo, nada. We merely tried to ignore the little balls of hair that would appear from under the couch, with the slightest small breeze.

Needless to say, I was quite skeptical about this purchase. This Dirt Devil was so cheap - I mean, see for yourself, it is nearly free! Certainly it would be another experiment, another piece of junk that seemed to blow dirt around vs. inhale it...but for the price, I just had to give it a shot. I was tired of sticky tape and terrifying the family pets with the sound of the big vacuum.

So here is my review (there are no negatives, so this could be boring!!): I loved that it was put together in about 30 seconds. All there is to it is a hand vac, a stick that attaches easily, a crevice tool and the standard floor nozzle you see in the photo. In an instant, you can pop off the handle and the nozzle, and have a hand vac. The cord is very long, so I can do two rooms without unplugging. It is as light as a feather, so I can lift it up onto cushions, the couch, the bed. But none of that means anything if it doesn't suck up anything, right?? Well that is why I love this machine...I don't know how they do it, but it vacuumed pet hair off cushions, throw rugs, bedspreads...without sucking the fabric into it. Cannot tell you how many area rugs we've ruined getting them tangled in the vac. So it has the power to do the trick on hair, cat litter, crumbs...yet is gentle enough to not eat your furnishings and throw covers...and is light enough to lift over your head, if you wanted to! Being bagless, when you're done, simply empty the cup and throw the debris away. Pet owners know that pet odor lingers in vacuums...that won't happen with this little red power machine. It is small, but mighty.

As a gift for an rv owner, it is perfect. Even if they have a bigger vac already, this one is small, collapsible, portable and perfect for easy cleaning. I purchased this gift for myself last week...not waiting for Santa.

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