Monday, September 26

Hallmark Happy Camper Ornament

A collectible keepsake ornament from Hallmark, like the Happy Campers Hallmark Ornament makes a lovely Christmas gift for rvers. A personal gift, that lets us know you were thinking about us and our lifestyle, means a lot! Hallmark ornaments also have the tendency to go up in it is guaranteed to be a treasure an rver will hold on to for a lifetime.

You can also design your own ornament, like these below (or purchase these, if you like 'em!)...

If your friend or family member is a full time rver, remember that they probably won't have a big tree to display it on. We have a few ornaments we simply hang up in the don't need a tree just to call it an ornament! So even if there isn't a Christmas tree, it can still be displayed every year. It is a nice and small gift, easily stored away.

Happy Holidays!

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