Wednesday, September 28

A Cousin Eddie Costume For An RV Halloween And Other Christmas Vacation Gifts

Ok...understandably, a Cousin Eddie costume might seem an odd gift for an rver. However, I'm writing this post while Halloween is right around the corner, and fall is in the air. Thanks to Ed, National Lampoon's Cousin Eddie gifts are perfect during the holidays, too!

Cousin Eddie and his family, from the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation movie, are sort of our "idols" in this cheap rv lifestyle we're living. Ed is a mascot...someone we joke our families might consider us to be! Pulling up in a suburban neighborhood to spend holidays with family is something we've, Yep, we've pulled the old motorhome into driveways of our loved ones. Some days we truly believe we ARE actors in the movie.

If you've seen the movie, you cannot forget the bomber hat and the short white robe he wore as he emptied the rv septic. Maybe you are an rver that is looking for the perfect character to be this Halloween. Maybe you have a camper in your life who is struggling with ideas for Halloween costumes. Well...if that describes your situation...then a Cousin Eddie costume is the perfect rv gift!

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