Wednesday, August 10

RV Levels For Motorhome Leveling

An rv level is similar to levels you would use in your home, for basic household projects. But imagine if you needed these devices to keep your house straight everyday! Yes...these are important to the rver. Every time they move from here to there, they need to set their camper up as straight as can be. Not an easy task.

Travel trailers need to not only be adjusted front to back, but side to side, too! Contrary to the romantic image of travelers pulling into their campsites and being immediately set up and ready for relaxation, the real work happens when you get to that site! Levels are a very important part of living in a camper.
Stick On Level

The best heavy duty leveling gift on the market is the RV EZ Level, completely electronic and easy to use. You Can Read My More Detailed Review Here.

But there are many levels to choose from, to fit your gift shopping budget. We have always liked the T Level because it shows all directions at a glance.
T Level

And the bullseye level, showing 360 degrees at once, is a unique gadget as well.
Bullseye Level

Another affordable and cute leveling device (perfect for gift baskets) are these stick on levels, available in styles of motorhomes, travel trailers and 5th wheels.

No matter what style you choose, rvers can always use these. They are perfect "little thoughts" or stocking stuffers - and the electronic ez level is a terrific gift.

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