Tuesday, August 30

Hot Dog Roasting Sticks and Marshmallow Skewers by Rome Industries

Hot dog and marshmallow roasting forks have unlimited rv gift potential. You can combine them with S'mores ingredients in a gift basket for a very sweet, sweet surprise. For any camping enthusiast, these are so practical, because roasted marshmallows and weiners are all that we eat! Just kidding...but they are the perfect campfire food and we are nearer to campfires than home dwellers, fair to say? Aside from the yummy food and campfire angle, these roasting sticks are small enough for the limited space available in rvs. They will eat up the graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey bars in no time, leaving them only with the marshmallow skewer.

Rome's Marshmallow Tree Fork
Rome Industries makes high quality, aesthetically pleasing roasting forks (you must check out all of the fun styles) that are sure to please any camper...unless, of course, they hate marshmallows and hot dogs...then you might want to think about some other gift idea. Believe it or not, they actually make a campfire burger griller, too, if you like the theme of this gift. Or you can get a complete cookout set, too, as another option.

One of Rome's most popular is the Rome's Set of 9 Forks for Marshmallows and Hot Dogs, Chrome Plated Steel, which is shown in the photo. This will meet every roasting need, for certain! It comes with all of the tools necessary for a great time around the fire pit.

Rome's Set Of 9
I also think the Rome's Marshmallow Tree Fork, Steel with Wood Handle is about the cutest style made - and when you have so many around the fire, it is nice to make a batch all at once!

As you browse around, you will see that the days of the boring marshmallow sticks are long gone...while the calories in these treats, unfortunately, stay around...

And you needn't stop with Rome's products, because there are even fishing pole style roasting "sticks" that look like the real thing (was going to say reel, but that would be too much, wouldn't it?). 

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