Tuesday, July 12

I Want Every RV Outdoor Mat I See...RV Mats Fill RVers With Glee!

Yes...a little rv poem from me to you in the title of this post. When I see an RV reversible mat, I do tend to go a little loopy. The reason is that there are so many beautiful patterns and designs to choose from...I want them all! They take many names: rv awning mats, patio mats, patio rugs...but no matter what you call them, they have stolen my heart...and will please anyone on your gift list...if you don't keep it for yourself, that is.

These breathable rv patio mats are a far cry from the days of artificial grass mats. Those were always so heavy, dirt and pet hair stayed embedded in them and rolling them up on a rainy day caused so much grief.

This modern outdoor mat is lightweight and portable, and its woven design allows rain and dirt to simply sift through it (simply sweep or hose it off) so it is easy to clean and handle. Also, another feature is that it is reversible...the colors reverse themselves on the other side, so it is durable and made to last x 2!

They come in an amazing assortment of sizes, patterns, styles and colors. Though I cannot possibly list them all here, you can see a nice display of the majority of them in a review article I did called RV Reversible Patio Mats.

And remember, if you decide to get me one, drop me a line so I know to expect it!!!

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