Thursday, June 9

Trailer Life Directory 2012 - RV Parks, Campgrounds, and Services

This is a favorite book among rvers everywhere! Trailer Life Magazine has been around a long time, and are considered experts in the world of recreational vehicles.

Their 2012 directory contains up to date information on everything an rver wants to know...and more. It is an incredibly detailed manual for those who consistently travel around in their campers.

Now I know this is the era of the internet, but I cannot tell you how frustrating and time consuming it can be, when on the highway, trying to search out campgrounds and amenities, dump station locations, etc. Having it all at our fingertips in one place is a great saver on time. Plus, when I am the passenger and have to get the computer out while we are driving, to search a site, I cannot use my "backseat driver" skills to the degree I desire! This lets me save my time for important things like "Jim, slow down" and "Jim, turn here."

But i digress...

Honestly, the 2012 Trailer Life Directory RV Parks and Campgrounds (Trailer Life Rv Parks, Campgrounds, and Services Directory)  is a great rv gift that is affordable and fits most budgets. I am certain the recipient will be pleased...

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