Monday, June 6

A Folding Or Roll Up Table In A Bag, Aluminum or Wood, Will Make For Happy Campers!

An RVer never has enough space to store gear, yet needs so much equipment. Their solution when camping?... Folding picnic table to the rescue! There are so many great camping tables to choose from. My number one choice would be a roll up table in a bag, for ultimate portability. A similar folding table that fits in a bag is also a great choice, still taking up little room. However, I would stray away from an outdoor table where only the legs fold down, because though these tables are thin, they still take up precious cargo space.

The green table at the top right, an aluminum portable table  is constructed to be in the outdoors. That is why an aluminum or wood "table in a bag" makes a great gift for the rv owner, because when in one location, it will most likely be set up outside for long durations, exposed to the elements.
Aside from design, they come in low or tall dimensions as well, to fit each individual need.

The wooden roll top table you see on the left has legs that easily unscrew and the table top rolls up, all fitting into an easy to carry bag.

So what makes this the absolute perfect present? The fact that those in recreational vehicles can never have too many extra surfaces, indoors or out. So no worries about buying something they might already have...because it will be welcomed no matter what...even if they already have one!

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