Saturday, May 7

Tri Lynx Leveling Blocks For The RV - The Ultimate Motorhome Levelers

Hear that crackling? It's the sound of RVers throwing their mismatched pieces of dirty wood into the fire pit, where they belong! Yes, the ultimate RV leveling system has arrived.

The Tri-lynx Corporation has come up with the solution to years of towing around various chunks of two-by-fours, to be placed under camper tires. Exhausted travelers would pull into a campsite and have to fiddle with the different sizes and shapes of wood, usually covered in leaves and debris from the last use, hoping to find the right height combination.

So why are RV levelers so important? Because gravel and other natural sites are usually uneven. Drainage of gray and black water tanks, one of the most important systems, requires a straight and horizontal surface to function correctly. In addition, an unlevel trailer could result in catastrophes such as uneven ice cubes, cakes that are higher on one side vs. the other, and the family pet plastered against the wall.

Lynx levelers are sure to be the perfect gift, and you can view all varieties of them here. The main system interlocks like legos and comes with an attractive, compact carrying bag. They clean off easily, are lightweight and take up minimal storage space. Because these blocks are longer and wider than traditional slabs of wood, they provide more stability as well.

If you really want to pamper your friend or loved one, you can buy the entire system which includes flat surface caps for the top as well as chocks. These caps are easier on the tires and provide a flat surface for use under stabilizers or jacks. Also, there is an optional "Stop'n Chock" piece that attaches at the back of the stack and allows the wheels to just roll into place.

But you needn't buy the add-ons for the leveling blocks to do their basic job. The Lynx blocks make a wonderful present all on their own...and what could be easier to wrap than a square package?!

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