Tuesday, May 3

RV Gift Ideas Like Portable DVD Players Are Guaranteed To Be A Hit

This is one of the best rv gifts, because it is much more than just a portable movie player. It also performs like an MP3 player and, if the rver has jpeg photos on a disk, they can be viewed on it, too!

The best part about this dvd player is that it has the larger, 9 inch screen, which is important because you don't want the actors to look like ants. It can easily be placed on a table rather than having to hold it close to your eyes.

Personally, we have never had a tv in our travel trailer but watching movies on a laptop or one of these players is a ritual before bed. Their size makes them so easy to set up (no cords, yeah!) and the long battery life allows movie watching anytime, anywhere. Now couple this with the ability to show photos to those you meet on the road, and being able to play music...it is PERFECT. Motorhomes are much too compact to bring photo albums and pictures along. That in and of itself makes it a wonderful present.

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